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What is
the Werd World?

At the beginning of time, one Werd was spoken into existence...

The Werd World
is a collection of 1000 Hand drawn art pieces from the mind of Drew Ray Tanner and minted as NFT’s. Each one is unique, using Werd as a blank canvas. Werd is an interdimensional entity so there are no bounds/limits to where you both can go, or who you can be... The universe awaits!

Werd Gives Back

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Werd World. A place where all walks of life are embraced. Growing up I always had tough time finding a group I could identify with, I wasn’t 100 percent of one thing, or enough of another. So creating Werd has been an exercise in acceptance. Werd can be anyone and be from anywhere.

There are no bounds. I would love to invite you into my brain and take a trip with Werd and I, and escape to somewhere where just over the horizon, a rainbow awaits to enlighten us.

$10,000 from the first mint will go directly to the STOMP Out Bullying organization.

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Current Phase

Phase 1


Initial launch of 1000 Genesis NFT’s. Early adopters jump in! The water’s warm in Werd World.